Additional User(1) License

V4G Master1 comes with 3 User Licenses. Additional User License is needed for each other user to use the program. It is highly recommended to purchase 1 license for each specific user, who is characterized in the system by a username & password. The user then could be assigned a certain "tailored Role" which determines his/her previleges. Of course, a user could be assigned to accounting another to inventory a third to sales...etc. All users of the system could have access to the program using their regular browsers from any machine 'connected' to the main computer either locally or over the internet as desired.

The number of User Licenses is linked to the V4G Master1 license on a specific "main computer" of the company/branch & couldn't be exceeded. You need to select the maximum number of User Licenses required for the company/branch to fit all users who will be using the system. Additional user licenses could be purchased any time in future (but requires re-activation of the license on the main computer(s)).

Please note that at least (1) V4G Master1 license is needed in the branch/organization for other User Licenses to be used.

The expiry date of any Additional User License is inherited from the V4G Master1 License on the main computer to which that Additional User License is linked. I.e. All User Licenses will expire on the same date as the V4G Master1 License on the main computer to which those licenses are linked, irrespective to their individual purchase or activation dates.

Additional User Licenses linked to a branch license could be transferred to another branch license not less than 6 months before the expiry date of the V4G Master1 License of the branch they already linked to. This is allowed (charge free) only one time per branch per year (and requires re-activation of the involved branch(es) licenses).

The V4G Master1 Additional User license is 500 SAR/AED   (including VAT in Saudi Arabia)- Promotional Price - "Saudi Riyal is the currency used to determine price".

Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Once payment is verified, V4G Master1 license Key(s) purchased, together with the number of User Licenses purchased, will be sent to the email registered during purchasing. However, if you didn't receive the Key(s) within 72 hours, please contact customer service with relative information.

If however you are purchasing additional User License(s) or User License(s) for branch(es), please notify customer service with the number of additional/branch user licenses to be linked to each branch main computer.

Please ensure that your email address registered during purchase process is correct & only accessible by you.

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