• Is it a cloud based system?
    • V4G is a browser based system that could be used on cloud, LAN or a single system that is not connected to the internet... it is your choice!!

  • If tax rate is changed later from 5% to 6 or 4% for instance. Do i need to change the program
    • No.. V4G automatically handles these updates (once connected to the internet). You don't need to do anything or pay more money

  • Can I add/delete accounts
    • Yes, you can add your accounts "whether main or subaccounts" to the chart of accounts and you can also delete them (provided that no transcations comitted on them). However, system accounts that already available in the COA are not deletable

  • Could we print invoices on headed papers?
    • Yes, you can print on normal or headed papers. However, if you want to make a special formatting for the invoices, you could request  support assistance.

  • We are using another accounting system, could we transfer clients and inventory data to V4G?
    • Yes, of course you can import client's/inventory/Suppliers data to V4G. You can also export it to the other system or even link them together.