V4G Master1 License

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V4G Master1 is the program edition license that should be installed in an internet server, the company main computer or/and remote branches main computers "if any". A "main computer", though it could be a normal PC or even a laptop, it is highly recommended to use a 'server machine' as a main computer.

This license (comes with 3 User Licenses). It is not needed to be installed in each user's computer(s). Licensed (default/additional) users could access the program (using normal browsers) from their machines that are connected to a main computer (via LAN or internet).

Unless extended, this license is only valid for one (1) year from its activation date. It is highly recommended to extend/renew this license ambient time before expiration date, when desired, to ensure continuous functionality. Please note that this license is linked to the specific main computer where it is installed as well as to the company name & its VAT registration number. This license is neither transferrable nor refundable in part or in full once activated. Other limited and (Additional User Licenses) who can access the program are linked to this license too and expire on same date this license expires.

Please note that at least one (1) V4G Master1 license is needed in the organization/branch as other additional user's licenses will not function without it.

The V4G Master1 is  SAR/AED x,xxx including all updates on current version (VAT inclusive in Saudi Arabia) - Promotional Price - "Saudi Riyal is the currency used to determine price".

Note that after first year, this license is renewed at the rate: Number of users X Additional User License price (currently SAR 500). e.g. if you have only 3 users, you renew at a rate of SAR 1,500 only.

Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Once payment is verified, license Key(s) / registration instructions will be sent to the email registered during purchase. However, if you didn't receive the Key within 72 hours, please contact customer service with complete relevant information.

Please be sure that the email address registered during online purchase is correct & only accessible by you.

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